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Are you fond of word puzzle games? BitMango has brought world’s smartest word puzzle game: “Word Cookies” for you. BitMango, creator of HIT app had already launched Roll the Ball-slide puzzle, Block Hexa puzzle and other puzzle games in the past and has been one of the market player in this section. Word Cookies is a perfect game for you if you love challenges – a perfect brain teaser.

How to play?

  1. Words can be diagonal, backward and also vertical, where the goal is to find all the hidden words.
  2. Swipe your finger over the word to select it.
  3. Once you have found a meaningful word, it will remain highlighted in the word list.

Benefits of word puzzle

  1. Word cookies is easy and a lot of fun to play.
  2. You can enjoy the game in any of the devices including laptop, smartphone. You can play the word cookies mobile game for free and you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
  3. There is no time limit for this game.

Features of Word Puzzle

  • Discover a meaningful word from the mixed letters
  • Playing cookies which is visually very pleasant.
  • Its easy and simple. Puzzles do get difficult as you advance in levels.
  • You get daily bonus rewards
  • With the first game, you get free 200 coins payment
  • A great exercise for your brain to discover words
  • Feeling of success and achievement with increased points.
  • Derive secondary words from the main words and helps increasing the vocabulary.
  • You don’t need internet or Wi-Fi to play the game. You can play it offline too.
  • Tons of levels. At the moment, it has got 580 levels and 32 packages and updates will be continued.


Points to be noted

The game comes with ads including banner, house ads, video etc. However you can buy in-app options like ad free and other packages

Overall, its a good game but few things that keeps it away from being 5/5.

Words are those that we all have heard before so its easy. Bonus levels are good too and does not take too long. Once you are 100 level up, words get harder and harder. If you fail to find them there are websites providing solved answers for all levels of this game. The best one so far is wordcookieanswer.com Check the categories

Once you beat a level, close the app, start a new level or answer a test without switching off from the game- ad pops up in every instance. Its way too frequent.

Puzzles are but as you move forward it gets difficult. A favorite pastime when you are not doing anything but at least exercising your brain

Reason it hasn’t been able to get a score of 5 is because of the number of ads that pops up at the end of every level which is literally in every 2 minutes, so over a period of time it gets monotonous.

Some of them are videos which you can’t skip even before 30 seconds so it exhausts lot of your mobile data.

It does let you come out of the ad before it gets finished so you can come out and don’t feel you are stuck.

Overall word puzzle is a fun game which is not very difficult and one can play it for free. Children can positively benefit out of it which helps build their vocabulary.

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